Need some help or tips for Branding Your Company in Overland Park, Olathe, or Lenexa?  Wanting to make your company look more polished and well-branded? Here’s an easy tip to make your brand look cohesive: have a set list of colors and fonts, a few of each, that your employees should use when making something for the company. This way no matter who designs the pieces, they all look uniform.  At Lifted Logic, we recommend brand continuety between all aspects of your company – whether it’s your website, business cards, promotional materials, car wraps, or any other marketing material that a customer may ever see.  If your brand is similar across all of these aspects, it only reinforces it in the customer’s mind.  Don’t have a company brand right now? Let Lifted Logic help you with full service branding in Overland Park, Olathe, or Lenexa for your company from our in-house designer.  Contact Us today and we can see how we can help!