Olathe’s Johnson County Executive

Lifted Logic has taken their videography staff to a new level. The team has recently shot video at Olathe’s Johnson County Executive for their production of AIR FLight Training promotional video. The work demonstrates the outstanding visual appeal of the glossy planes and also the beautiful view of Olathe, Kansas from the sky. Filming at the Johnson County Executive Airport was such a great experience for the videography team here at Lifted Logic. Working with AIR Flight Trainer, Chris Carmody, was a pleasure and the team was surely in safe hands.
Check out the amazing view in Lifted Logic’s AIR Promo video!

AIR Promo from Lifted Logic Kansas City Design on Vimeo.

The AIR promotional video, shot at Olathe’s Johnson County Executive, is a great demonstration of the quality of work Lifted Logic puts into their video work. We shoot on location, with our various camera equipment, and work with your schedule and availability. We are dedicated to creating not only a visually appealing video, but an experience within it. Your customers need to be able to relate and feel in touch with what your business offers in order to receive a responsive customer base. Lifted Logic helps to make your company look and feel honest, unique, and exciting to viewers no matter what the business may be.
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