Lifted Logic – Omaha Happy Hours Mobile App

Paul Cox of Omaha Happy Hours had created a service for the Omaha and area that was a web based directory of happy hour locations and their specials. By the time we had met Paul, his website had been up for a while and established itself as the premier happy hour directory for Omaha.

Paul had decided the next direction to take his company was to develop a mobile app that would give his users the specials and deals they were used to receiving, but would also give them the ability to take it with them on the go.
After a considerable collaboration we discussed what we could integrate into the app that would be beneficial to the users.

We came up with a list of features that we all agreed would be a helpful and friendly experience:
1. Geo-location gives the user the ability to find the closest happy hour specials to them.
2. The ability to share happy hour specials with friends through email.
3. Featured Happy Hour for preferred placement on the home page for preferred Happy Hour Specials.
4. Call a cab to allow users to call four different cab companies with the click of a button.
5. Search function that allows users to find specific results quickly.

The app was launched in late March, to much fan-fare. Click here to view the story on Channel 6 in Omaha.

If you are in the Omaha area today and want to find some great happy hour specials download:

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