With Google’s’ new algorithm, Hummingbird, many are wondering how search engine optimization (SEO) will need to adapt. The answer to that question isn’t simple because it all depends on the techniques your company was using for SEO prior to Hummingbird. The biggest change in SEO seen with Hummingbird is that it looks to see if an article or blog post is good, relevant content rather than being full of specific keywords without having the information to back them up. So how do you accommodate for this? To put it simply, you just have to write good articles and you cannot cut corners. Having good content on your site should be a goal you strive for to begin with but now Google is rewarding those who put in the work to make their sites the best they can be.

So how does this relate to Lifted Logic? Lifted Logic practices organic SEO techniques, meaning that while our process takes time to get your site to the top rankings, your posts will be less effected by the new Google algorithm because we focus on writing good blogs that still improve your SEO ranking. Lifted Logic can do a SEO audit on your current website and give you an analysis laying out how we can improve the SEO of your website. Contact Us today to set up a free meeting to see how Lifted Logic can help improve your SEO today!