Organic SEO sounds tricky or difficult to do, but it’s really not—if you know what you’re doing. At Lifted Logic, we offer organic SEO in Kansas City as one of our many services. Our copywriters provide clients with original, creative content regularly to ensure that they’re showing up in the top Google search results, without cutting corners or practicing “Black Hat” SEO. One definition of the word organic is “developing naturally.” Lifted Logic believes that organic SEO in Kansas City is the best practice when developing a successful website that’s sure to have lasting power and the most useful content.

20140628_143532Organic SEO & Organic Gardening

With Lifted Logic’s organic SEO in Kansas City, we approach organic SEO the same way we approach organic gardening: without all the extra additives, the resulting product is one that is better not only for your business, but also better for the environment around it (check out the size of that zucchini from Emma and Adam’s organic garden!). Google is not interested in helping businesses get ranked, but rather focuses on providing its users with the best possible content on the subject they are searching. When you practice organic SEO in Kansas City with Lifted Logic, you are ensuring that Google likes what your company is putting out since our copywriters stay up to date on Google’s latest SEO rules and guidelines.  We’ve really learned that organic gardening is not so different from organic SEO: using sneaky methods to try and move a website up in the rankings, much like using pesticides for bigger plants, only results in a product that’s unsuccessful and harmful. When you trust Lifted Logic with your company’s organic SEO in Kansas City, you really will stand out from the crowd!

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SEO comes in a variety of ways: through content on pages and posts, through original images and videos, social media interaction, among many others. The experts at Lifted Logic can absolutely provide all the SEO your company needs in-house since we offer professional photography and videography services from our award-winning videographer, innovative web design with useful content, SEO blogging services, and we’ll even set up and post to social media for your company! Ensure a sustainable internet presence for your company when you turn to Lifted Logic for excellent organic SEO in Kansas City. To get started on your project today, just fill out the form below or call our office. We can’t wait to work with you!