Is your business in Johnson County looking to grow online in a healthy and sustainable way? Lifted Logic specializes in organic web design and development that do just that. What is organic web design and development you may ask? It is a way to building and maintaing a website that will help you rank higher search engine results without shelling out a lot of money on banner ads or Google AdWords. Check out this video, shot by our in house videographer, that explains organic web design and development a little more in detail…

Organic Web Development from Lifted Logic Kansas City Design on Vimeo.

If your business is looking for a “healthier” and less-expensive solution to improving is search engine rankings then organic web design and development is the way to go. You have to put in the work, but in the long run your website will be more efficient and maintain its high rankings rather than dropping off the radar as soon as you stop paying for ads. Lifted Logic will train and teach you the tools you will need to edit, update and continue to add content to your website which will be the fuel for growing it organically and in the end achieving the search engine rankings that you desire.

If you are interested in sitting down for a free meeting to learn more about organic web design and development contact the team here at Lifted Logic today by visiting out Contact page or filling out the form on the right. We will give you a call shortly to set something up!