What does organic web design mean? ¬†This is a question frequently asked by our Lifted Logic clients. ¬†Lifted Logic in Overland Park is known for it’s organic web design abilities. With that being said, we understand the importance of not only building a website that looks good, but a website that attracts viewers.
In web design, “organic” refers to organic search engine optimization (SEO) marketing. When building a website, your intention is always to have viewers come to your site. However, a problem that many small business owners face is the inability to bring traffic to your newly built website. This is where Lifted Logic in Overland Park can help.
Organic SEO marketing is the method of developing credibility with an internet search engine for an image, blog, or website. Credibility may be earned for a particular keyword phrase or for a domain. If you can develop credibility for one, it will help build credibility for the other. The goal of organic SEO marketing is to appear higher in the search engine results page listings. This will increase traffic to the targeted image, blog, or website.
There are several factors that search engines, such as Google, look for when ranking websites organically. Quality of organic web design is taken into consideration. Professional, sleek websites typically attract more viewers, therefore bringing it to the top. They also look for specific keywords listed throughout your website.
Many SEO companies in the Kansas City area claim to be reputable, but only back-link your website to other random websites. Therefore, when a potential client uses Google, your website is no where to be found. Here at Lifted Logic, we focus on specific keywords tailored to your services that allow you to be found on search engines by implementing good organic web design and development techniques.
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