chocolate_package designIs your company looking for unique package design in Prairie Village? Breaking the mold for package design has been a big goal of graphic designers in the last few years. Company’s are giving designers more creative freedom as to what direction their package designs are moving in. Having a product stand out on the shelf may be the difference between your product getting chosen over another. Take a look at The Chocolate Factory’s package design for their product. Just changing the shape of the package to a non traditional one for the chocolate industry makes the package design automatically stand out. Also Coca-Cola’s creative use of clear and solid areas on their cups create the illusion of the classic Coke bottle is another simple idea that has an unique end result. There are a lot of different things that can be done to make your package design stand out from the crowd and they are available on a wide range of budgets!


coca-cola_product design

The team here at Lifted Logic is now working to expand our graphic design services to include package design. Before getting started on any project, we will sit down with your company in Prairie Village to get to know about what your business does and then work towards planning out what products and packages design needs you will have and what budget you are needing to stay within. When getting started on a package design project we do our homework, researching both your company and package design trends in your industry as well as related industries to ensure that the package design produced will make your product stand out in any display. If you are interested in sitting down for a consultation with Lifted Logic please Contact Us using the form on the right and we will contact you soon!