Is your company looking for promotional poster design in Lee’s Summit? Having eye-catching unique posters in Lee’s Summit can help your business have a presence in the community and attract attention. It’s just like when you are waiting at the movie theatre, looking around at all the upcoming movies. You can determine pretty quickly which ones you will go see just because of how the posters look. The same thing applies to advertising for your business.

The first step towards attracting more attention, getting leads and ultimately more business is getting your brand out there and poster design is a great way to do that. Whether you want to use photos, words, color or hand-drawn graphics to attract attention making sure these elements are put together in the right combination can leave you with a memorable poster.

Lifted Logic has an in-house graphic designer who loves designing pieces for print, especially poster design. The benefit of working with a company that has an in-house designer is that you can be more involved in the poster design process. Our designer can work with you to determine what your company needs, who you are looking to target and how to incorporate your current brand into a poster. Don’t have a current brand? That’s alright, we can discuss your options for creating a  brand for your company. Once these things are determined we come up with a unique poster design for your business. Be sure to check out the Lifted Logic portfolio or our “creative” site at to see all of our work. We offer consultations and meetings completely free! Our main goal is to get to know you and your company so we can design the best pieces possible for you. Contact Us using the form on the right if you are interested in more information or setting up a meeting and we will get in touch with you shortly about a poster design for your company in Lee’s Summit.