Promotional Videos in Downtown Kansas City

During the summer, Kansas City is busy making sure special events are planned to ensure an exciting summer for everyone. Whether its a concert, restaurant summer specials, or a charity event, there is always something fun going on.
Recently, Downtown Kansas City held the annual “Beer Pong for Babies” Charity event. This consists of people getting together and forming a team of two, signing up online, and then spending the day competing against multiple teams to be the champion beer pong player. All the money paid into teams, merchandise, and donations go to local children’s charities. The ultimate goal of the Beer Pong for Babies charity was to support a cause they are truly passionate about and have fun doing it!
Lifted Logic had the opportunity to capture the fun event all on camera. The videography team wanted to make the promotional video in downtown Kansas City to show how exciting the event is in a short, precise, and visually appealing structure.

Beer Pong For Babies from Lifted Logic Kansas City Design on Vimeo.

Different beer pong teams differentiated themselves by dressing up in crazy and unique outfits, hoping to stand out and make it to the finals! Dancing, drinking, playing games, and supporting a great cause made this saturday afternoon a memorable one for everyone involved.
If there is an exciting event or charity your business wants to spread to the general public, a video may be a good way to do so. Lifted Logic’s promotional videos have the goal of getting the message across clearly and in a creative way.
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