We all know that raking high in a search engine result is key to generating online business without shelling out a lot of money for hit or miss ads but by using the correct search engine optimization (SEO) tactics and methods you can improve your sites ranking and ultimately get more business online.

Search engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is made up of a lot of different parts; having good content, new content, relevant content, the correct keywords and other factors greatly influence how search engines index you website. There are two types of SEO, white hat and black hat. White Hat SEO consist’s of the “good” or acceptable methods of SEO, and using these methods will result in an improvement in your websites search engine ranking. Black Hat SEO consist’s of tactics that are either illegal or highly frowned upon and implementing these tactics can result in your site being blacklisted from search engine results.

Lifted Logic’s SEO services consist of an SEO audit, where we will assess the current tactics being used on your site for SEO. We then will make our suggestions as to what you should be doing and lay out what our plan of action would consist of. If you choose to hire us to implement the plan of action we will work with you to determine which parts you want to implement. If you are interested in setting up a meeting with Lifted Logic to discuss how we can help your business in Olathe rank higher in search engine results, fill out the form on the right and we will contact you shortly.