Many of our clients ask us how they can improve their search engine rankings, or what factors go into the algorithm used by search engines to index sites, and while no one knows all of the ingredients Lifted Logic can still help you decipher and implement tactics that will help your site.

With the release of Google’s latest algorithm update, Hummingbird, our clients have been asking us how that will affect their search engine rankings. We have been happy to tell them that it won’t… How is this possible you are asking? Well we have been advising and training our clients to use blogging as a tool for SEO. By blogging in the correct way, having quality content with strategic keywords and some knowledge of your client base, our clients can continue to blog in the same way they have been while maintaining their search engine rankings.

We always discuss with out clients that writing quality blogs, consistently, can vastly help your search engine rankings as long as your know who you are writing to. If you know a little bit about your target audience, you can guess what keywords they will be searching for, and the regions they live in. We have a blogging worksheet to help clients map out a location, keyword, and service that they want to rank in to write about. These blog posts may not produce immediate results like pay per click ads, but they are free to write and will give you a stronger search engine ranking that will last rather than going away the minute you decide to no longer pay for ads.

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