SEO is a phrase that gets thrown around the web so often these days that is can sometimes be unclear as to what it is. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The idea behind SEO is that through a unique blend of “good” and new content, keywords and overall website set-up your website can be indexed and ranked higher in search engine results. Everyone wants the top spot, but not everyone knows the best ways to get there.

Another element that can be confusing is that Most search engines show paid ads first and then the organic search results. The paid ads for Google are in the yellow box. So you might be wondering “Why don’t I just buy and ad and be at the very top rather than the top of the ‘organic’ results?” ¬†Well there are a few reasons; 1. the paid ads run on a pay per click system which can ad up fast is you aren’t careful 2. some internet users will ignore the paid ads section because they know they are ads rather than search results they think are more relevant. We aren’t saying that you should give up AdWords, but SEO is a huge tool that can save you money while still achieving high ranking in search engine results.

Lifted Logic has services to asses the current level of SEO being used on your site as well as  offering solutions to help you improve your search engine ranking. With a little effort in the right areas you can raise the ranking of your website without using an large amount of money on AdWords. Contact us today by filling out the form on the right and we can set up a meeting with you to see how Lifted Logics SEO services can help raise your search results ranking in Kansas City!