Shawnee Testimonial with Evolve

Caleb Summers, owner of Evolve PPC (Personal Paleo Chef), recently sat down with the team of Lifted Logic to share his experience working with the wed development team.
Located in Shawnee, Kansas, Evolve is a Personal Chef designed to provide individuals with Paleo friendly food. For those unfamiliar with the lifestyle change, the Paleo diet is made up around the concept of the “caveman diet”. The idea focuses on when cavemen ruled the earth, agriculture was not yet invented, therefore, their diet consisted of meats, seafood, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Refined sugars, bread, processed food, and diary items are no longer associated with the Paleo food groups.
Evolve helps with the challenging diet by providing delicious and nutritious food, such as their famous Paleo balls (Lifted Logic loves the double chocolate flavor) and their Paleo friendly cereal.
Take a look at Caleb’s Testimonial!

Testimonial with Evolve from Lifted Logic Kansas City Design on Vimeo.

As you can see, Caleb’s decision to work with Lifted Logic has tripled his business. His new success in Shawnee and website made by Lifted Logic allows Caleb to focus on his passion in his Paleo lifestyle. His hopes to spread his business is proven to be successful through this video testimonial.
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