Avoid penalization with these smart link building tips from Lifted Logic: An SEO in Kansas City

Typically in our industry when someone utters the words, “Link building,” we all freak out and assume this person is into black-hat SEO. However, as an SEO in Kansas City, we at Lifted Logic all have to remind ourselves that link building can still be an incredibly effective and legitimate strategy when it comes to boosting a website’s ranking in the search engine results. Yoast, one of the foremost SEO authorities around, recently published an article about “Smart Alternatives to Dangerous Link Building Strategies” and we’re going to pull out some great link building tips for you from your SEO in Kansas City!

Stop buying links. Try this instead…

Remember when we mentioned black-hat SEO? Buying links is one of their hallmarks. As an ethical, white-hat SEO in Kansas City, we will not purchase links for your website. Instead, we do as Yoast suggests and we work to create keyword-appropriate, high quality content that people will naturally want to link to. While this method is slower, you’ll see more long, term sustainable success and won’t wake up one day to find that your business has dropped off the Google search results entirely.

Don’t add links to web directories. Try this instead…

Google has deemed web directories as “no real value to users” and therefore has begun excluding them from search results. So, if you add your website onto a web directory for the backlink, you’re basically wasting your time and not doing your business any good. Instead, research and find some actually useful directories out there, like one that lists lawyers or doctors by region and practice that a user might actually use.

Stop putting links in unrelated forum comments. Try this instead…

If you’re getting onto any web forum you can and pasting a link to your website in the comments, you’re likely annoying people by posting irrelevant content and doing nothing good for your business. If you enjoy participating in web forums, then take some advice from our expert SEO in Kansas City: find active discussions that are relevant to your business and then “make sure your comment provides contextual value to the discussion.” Then, you’re sharing relevant links that might help you out.

Too much to think about? Contact Lifted Logic today!

If this is overwhelming you, don’t panic! We have people devoted to SEO work day in and day out and as your SEO in Kansas City, we seek to provide incredible services for you and your business. Contact us today to get started!