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Social Media

We have a unique theory about Social Media that most online media companies don’t share.  Our theory is simple:  There is a time and place for social media, but it’s not something on which a business should spend a lot of time.  Of course, we use Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, because we want to stay in front of our followers.  We will, every once in a while, post directly to Facebook or Twitter, but we make a point to also write ‘keyword-rich’ content on our blog and feed it to these sites.  Why? Because we know that eventually these media platforms will become less important, and when they do, so will all of the that content that we spent so much time working on.  It’s hard to imagine a day without Facebook, but take My Space for example…. where is it now?  Social media sites are trends in online communication and trends eventually fade out and new trends take over.  Pinterest, for example, is now ranked the #3 social network in the U.S., just behind Facebook and Twitter.  Where was it a couple years ago?  And what’s next?
So, when it comes to Social Media, we understand that we need to have a presence, however, we feel strongly that the more content we post on our blog and then feed out from there, the more powerful our website becomes.