Something to look forward to with Google fiber… send things to your TV from your phone!Google issued an update for its iOS application today that adds the “Send to TV” feature to its apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The feature allows you to quickly and easily pair your mobile phone with select TVs, making it possible to play and control video from the app on your television set.

The feature works with Google TV-enabled devices, which includes an increasing amount of television SKUs from major manufacturers, many of which were on display at CES this year. It also work with the PS3 and Xbox via slightly more arduous manual pairing with the iOS application. Other Send to TV features include the ability to have anyone on the same Wi-Fi network join in and control video playback, too, as well as add videos to a playlist, meaning you can queue up your very own Best of Goats Version of any song.  Read more here!