Almost every business person has a need for business cards but that doesn’t mean that yours need to look like everyone else’s. By now you’ve probably seen commercials for cheap business cards and “great deals” but what you don’t get from those services is a card that is unique to your business. We know it sounds ridiculous but think of a time when someone handed you a card that was on a thin paper, had clip art graphics and overall did not impress you. Did you hold onto that card? We’re guessing that you didn’t. One way to avoid making this same impression on someone else is to have unique and high-quality business cards. Lifted Logic is and AFFORDABLE way to have amazing business cards that are 100% unique to you and your business!

How do we do it? Well first off we have and in-house graphic designer that designs all of our business cards. This can make a huge difference when it comes to standing out because your business cards will no longer have standard clip art graphics that have been used on hundreds of other clients business cards. All of our graphics are unique and we don’t recycle any artwork! We work closely with our printer to make sure we get the best prices for you, as well as unique surface finishings such as UV coating and AquaFoil.

Make sure to check out our portfolio and if you are interested in seeing samples or talking to Lifted Logic about designing a unique business card that will make an impression on others, fill out the contact form on the right. We will get in touch with you shortly to set up a meeting to discuss how Lifted Logic can help your business in Overland Park!