Survive the blizzard with Lifted Logic web design and marketing company in Lenexa Kansas!  Sometimes the slow sales times are the best times to help us plan ahead and grow our businesses.  Take the snow day to think about your company’s business plan – does it need updating?  Spend some time reviewing your company’s logo – does it still make sense?  Does it fit your company’s primary line of work still?  Take a look at your business cards from an outsider’s perspective.  Do they impress YOU?  If not, they probably don’t impress others, either.  Are you mailing any marketing materials this spring?  Are they up-to-date with high resolution pictures, graphics, and text?  Take a look at your social media pages and website.  Are they kept updated?  Do you have recent, and frequent posts?  If not, it may look like you’re out of business.  Call us if you need help growing your business this year!  816-298-7018.