Testimonial in Leawood, Kansas

A growing girls radio talk show, The Perk, has been a reliable client of Lifted Logic for quite some time. The three girls, Kelly, Mindy, and Val, all meet every Thursday at 3:00pm on ESPN 1510. The show has info and the latest gossip from big stories in the news, celebrity stories, and also some very special guests such as the actor who is the voice for Yoda.

Lifted Logic visited The Perk to speak with them about how our services have helped to grow the audience of their radio show and the success they have received since their latest website has gone live. Check out this testimonial in Leawood, Kansas, filmed on site in the actual room of the Perk.


The Perk Testimonial from Lifted Logic Kansas City Design on Vimeo.

Their loyalty and business with Lifted Logic has been a pleasure to work with. The girls bubbling personalities and passion they put into their show surely shows in their testimonial filmed by our videographer in Leawood, Kansas. Lifted Logic shows the passion in their as well, which has made the process of growing The Perk so much more enjoyable.
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