Testimonials in Overland Park

When creating a positive image for your company, it is vital to utilize past customers as a trustworthy source for new cliental. Many websites use reviews and ratings as a visual display of their successful transactions. What most businesses seem to be missing are honest and reliable testimonials.
Whether it is a single quote or 3 minute video, testimonials can make or break a possible customer decision to choose your service over the leading competitors. They serve as a reassurance to individuals who are not sure if they should invest in what your company may be offering. It’s obvious that members of the business would recommend themselves, so by putting trust in a completely unbiased stranger, possible clients will most likely be drawn to choose you based on the reliable testimonials you provided them with.
Lifted Logic’s videographers visited AIR Flight Training to film their testimonial in Overland Park. The interview not only described the customers experience efficiently, but also provided a unique visual of their time spent with AIR. A little time invested in a remarkable testimonial can make a huge impact on your business’s customer status.

Check out the AIR testimonial filmed by Lifted Logic right here in Overland Park, Kansas!

AIR Testimonial from Lifted Logic Kansas City Design on Vimeo.

This testimonial gives off a feeling of trust, insurance, honesty, and ultimately a better understanding of what AIR has to offer. When your testimonial shows each of these traits, then your business is sure to deliver a strong persona and reliable opinion to both new and old customers.
Testimonial questions can be difficult to come up with on the spot, so be prepared before the interview takes place. Some questions to keep in mind when asking for a testimonial is what they thought of your services, their top three favorite features, and if they were to recommend you, how would they describe you?

If you are interested in this testimonial in Overland Park, or anywhere else in Kansas, please fill out the contact form on the right for more information on how Lifted Logic’s video production team can provide your business with an outstanding testimonial!