When it comes to the balance of quantity vs. quality in SEO blogging and marketing, what is the best path?The SEO world is ever-changing. Here at Lifted Logic, we like to stay on our toes so we can easily adapt our SEO services when necessary to make sure our clients stay in the top of search engine results. A site that is constantly posting new content is bound to be in the top of the search results, but what if that content is crap? Large volumes of posts certainly make a site more noticeable, but when that information is repetitive and too keyword-heavy, users are most likely getting nothing out of it. On the other hand, a website putting out the most original, beautifully written content out there may show up in search results near the top for a specific post or two, but it’s likely that the full website isn’t enjoying the most web traffic it could be because there simply isn’t enough content for the search engines to crawl through. We think this article from State of Digital, on the topic of quantity vs. quality in SEO, says it best, “The best situation is is a combination of both, but there’s always a tension between quality and quantity. Focusing on one means losing focus on the other.” A site needs both quality content and a large quantity of content. The SEO gurus at Lifted Logic can recognize which path is appropriate in a certain circumstance, and we help our clients every day to strike a balance of quantity vs. quality in SEO.¬†qualityvquantity

SEO Quantity

Google may say that the quantitative method does not work, but it does. The more links to a website that are out there, the more likely it is to be recognized by search engines. Taking the quantity route is certainly easy-anyone can do it-since it can be automated and scaled. The problem with this route, however, is that it won’t pay off in the long run. Search engines really hate this method. They are focused on giving their users the best content on the internet, and they believe that websites that focus too heavily on the quantity of posts have lost sight of the real goal: to provide users with the best experience and most informative content they can. While this method may get a website noticed, there is no finesse or creativity involved. Many SEOs use this practice which begs the question: why would anyone hire an SEO writer who would only provide them with this? At Lifted Logic, we do much better for our clients.

SEO Quality

Any time a website really focuses on quality (assuming they employ a competent writer), it will pay off. This method is not about more links, its about¬†better links. Quality content cannot be automated. Taking this route can be difficult and time-consuming, but users will find what they want from a website and will spend more time coming back to the website once they discover it. Methods that focus on quality content also align themselves with what Google and other search engines want posts and content to be: useful. Since quality is not usually determined objectively, some content may miss the mark and a website will suffer in the search engine rankings as a result. Again, some SEOs are hired because they put out incredibly quality posts, but they just can’t keep up with the demands quantitatively. Come to Lifted Logic and see us strike the balance of quantity vs. quality in SEO.

Our Approach to Quantity vs. Quality in SEO

At Lifted Logic, we recognize which path is appropriate given each client and what we are promoting for them. For clients who have small businesses and not as large of budgets, we focus more on the quantity side so their business is better recognized by the search engines. We still write original (NEVER¬†automated) content for them, but we like to integrate keywords more frequently and get straight to the point instead of focusing too heavily on creativity and fluffery. For larger businesses, we are slightly less keyword-focused and our writers can show off a little more with some creativity and flair. Essentially, we listen to you and what you want, but we bring our expertise to the table as well. We let our clients specify how often they’d like posts and how long they’d like them to be, but we use our experience to make sure the posts we create strike the perfect balance of quantity and quality, helping our clients shine in the ever-coveted (and constantly changing) Google spotlight. Just fill out the form below to contact the Lifted Logic SEOs today to get started on spreading the word about your business!