Need some help or tips for Branding Your Company in Overland Park? Wanting to make your company’s branding look more polished and cohesive? Here’s a few tips to get you stared…

Make a brand standards list:

In order to make your brand look cohesive: have a set list of colors and fonts, a few of each, that your employees should use when making something for the company. This way no matter who designs the pieces, they all look uniform. At Lifted Logic, we recommend brand continuity between all aspects of your company – whether it’s your website, business cards, promotional materials, car wraps, or any other marketing material that a customer may ever see. If your brand is similar across all of these aspects, it only reinforces it in the customer’s mind.

 Have one person approve all designs:

Make sure that all of your employees know who they are supposed to approve designs through. That way, if there is a design error you can follow the chain of command to see where it went wrong and correct the problem for your future design jobs.

Don’t have a company branding right now? Let Lifted Logic help you with full service branding in Overland Park from our in-house graphic designer. We work with you on all branding projects to ensure that the new brand is a great representation of your business. We will provide you with a vector file of your logo, meaning that it can stretch infinitely without pixelation. For more information about Lifted Logic’s branding services, Contact Us today and we can see how we can help!