The team here at Lifted Logic knows that many small businesses do not have the option of hiring a company to build them a website, so here are a few quick tips from our team on how to make your web design look like it was professionally done….

First, build your website on a platform that is easy to use and user friendly. We recommend WordPress because it is a powerful platform for web design while still being user friendly. It allows you to keep your site up to date plus there are a lot of tutorials and articles on how to use it! Another benefit to WordPress is there are a lot of templates and themes you can download or buy to get you started.

Another tip is have a good version of your logo. By good we mean make sure you get a high res PNG, JPG and an EPS if possible. Having a pix-elated logo or a logo with a white background is a dead give away that your built your site yourself. If you use the correct files you can make yourself look better form the get go.

Our final tip is that if you are going to invest money in your web design prioritize what you want… Do you want professional photos, an eCommerce portion or a new logo and design. Once you have your list you can start tackling them as your business grows and expands.

If you are interested in learning more about web design, and how Lifted Logic can help you, please Contact Us to set up an appointment! Remember, your website is a big representation of your business so having a great web design is priceless!