Hey Martin City! Are you looking to update your company’s publications? If you have seen some publications that have been recently published, it is easy to see that they no longer follow the cookie cutter template of being extremely clean-cut or the typical white collar style. Many publications are beginning to feature brighter colors, more creative info graphics and edgier font choices. Here at Lifted Logic we so our research to keep up with current design trends.

2011 annual reportannual report publicationinteresting infographics

Right now in design, especially with publications, we see that fonts are straying away from the default Times New Roman and upgrading to more stylized fonts in headings and subheadings. Retro throwbacks, big and bold, as well an mixing of multiple styles of fonts are being featured on the covers of publications, as well as in the spreads and info graphics. Above are a few examples of annual reports and publication designs for three different companies in three different industries. Even the little elements, such as the graphs, sidebars and charts in these publications are stylized in a way that are more interesting than your standard computer-generated pie charts that used to be seen in every publication and annual report.

Lifted Logic has an in-housse designer that will sit down with your company in Martin City, at a free meeting, so we can get to know all about your company and discuss what you are looking for in a publication and chart out what is going to be the best design strategy for your needs. If you like the style that has a heavy emphasis in photography, we will come out to your offices to shoot beautiful and unique photographs to be featured. If you are interested in sitting down with Lifted Logic’s team to discuss options for your company in Martin City, please fill out the contact form on the right to Contact Us. We will contact you shortly to see how we can work with your company in Martin City to design beautiful publications.