The website optimization experts at Yoast recently published an article, titled “Beautiful or Usable: What’s important while designing your website?” discussing the relationship between a person’s perception of the beauty of a website and how useful the same person perceives that site to be. They cited a psychological study from 2000 which declared that the halo effect (believing that a person’s attractivenes is directly proportional to how good they are) applies to a people’s perception of the usefulness of a website. More recent studies have resulted in mixed opinions about the halo effect in relation to what the most useful website designs may be. According to Yoast, “[Recent] findings refute the ‘what is beautiful is usable notion’. Poor usability appeared to lower ratings on perceived aesthetics. If people are frustrated because they can’t seem to find what they want on your site, their approval of the design of your website will become smaller.” Research now suggests that the relationship between the beauty of a website and its perceived usefulness is correlational, meaning that the effect works both ways: an ideal balance between beauty and user-friendliness exists and it ensures the happiest website users.


At Lifted Logic, we are committed to creating the most useful website designs with features and elements that are eye-catching and beautiful (above is an image of OCM Financial’s website we created). Our designs are clean, attractive, and easy to navigate. We completely agree with the writers at Yoast who point out that there is a point when a designer becomes so absorbed with making the site aesthetically pleasing that it is no longer user-friendly. Our talented developers and designers work to custom-build the most useful website designs that strike the perfect balance of usefulness and beauty. As you can see by visiting Lifted Logic’s site, we offer unique, gorgeous web designs that are also simple enough to be navigated easily by users. We work closely with our clients to ensure that all their needs are met and their expectations are exceeded. Fill out the form below to contact us and get started on creating the most useful website designs for you!