Using a Newsletter to Build Business

We have found newsletters to be one of the least expensive and most effective public relations tool that exists for drawing attention to a business or website.   With the growth of social media, it’s important to find other ways to get in front of potential clients.  An e-mail address is something everyone has.  By getting in front of them through a quick note, you are grabbing their attention and giving your company brand recognition.Most frequent questions:How often do I need to send it out?Sending a quality newsletter on a regular basis can keep clients and grab the attention of potential clients, the media and other important sources.  Frequency of mailing builds familiarity and familiarity inspires return visits.
The effort of creating a newsletter itself speaks volumes about your commitment to your business and the subjects you write about.
It also positions you as an expert and valuable resource.

What do we write about?

The possibilities are endless.   The more you talk about your niche the more you will be recognized as an expert.
You can talk about:

  • updates to your business or industry
  • your opinions
  • your experiences
  • research that is going on in your niche
  • new promotions or products
Mail Chimp
At Lifted Logic, we use Mail Chimp to manage our database, build and edit our newsletters, track our click through rates, view our analytics and so much more.  Its a simple tool to master and we encourage all of our clients and anyone wanting to grow your business to do so.
We are happy to teach you how to do this and integrate this tool into your website.  We can design a custom newsletter that represents you as a company. Give us a call at 816-298-3787. We would be happy to talk more about marketing your business through newsletters.