Is your website a pain to update and add content to? If so the team here at Lifted Logic can build you a user-friendly website that we will train you to use. Why do we do this? Because we care about our clients success and want you to be able to run your website on your own time, without needing to contact someone every time you would like to add content.

How we build websites that are user-friendly is by building our sites on a platform that you can use! The back-end of the website is simple and tailored to the needs of our clients; if you need to add events, blog, sell product or any other need we will tailor your site to what you will be updating and editing and eliminate any unnecessary add-ins.

If you aren’t comfortable updating your site’s content we gladly offer various maintenance plans, tailored to your needs, that will keep your site running smoothly while keeping current in its content. To learn more and set up and appointment with the team here at Lifted Logic fill out the contact form on the right and we will call you to set something up!