Are Web Design In Kansas City and Lifted Logic synonymous? – We’re here to answer some questions.

Google Search Web Design In Kansas City

Picture this – you’re on Google… you search for ‘Web Design in Kansas City’… you end up on our website, but why?  We hear this every day… We also know you are probably looking at multiple companies as well.  Even if you don’t go with us, we have created a way to help you select the best Kansas City web design company from the beginning (we hate to have customers come back after hiring some fly-by-night web designer).

There are so many companies that do web design in Kansas City; here are a few ways to find a good fit.

Step 1: Call their office phone number

This will tell you how responsive the company is to phone calls.  As with any reputable company, you should be able to contact someone at the company during normal business hours.  Try it right now: Call 816.298.7018 , and you will hear the voice of one of our friendly,  warm Lifted Logic employees.  Plus this is a good test for when you actually need to get hold of someone… which will, of course, happen at some point.

Step 2: Set up a job interview

Set up an interview (preferably at their office since that gives you the chance to see their environment and potentially meet the developers) .  Have questions prepared and take note of their office environment.   Ask prepared questions as if this were a job interview (as it is a job interview!), ask to see their office setup, and put them on the spot.  Below are a few example questions.

Q: How long have you been doing web design?

Q: How many websites has your company built?

Q: Do you use templates, or will you be building a custom website?

Q: Can you show me some websites you have built with differing design styles?

Q: Tell me about a time you had an unhappy client and how you resolved it?

Q: Will you train me/someone at my company how to manage the site and make updates?

Q: If I need custom functionality in the future are you capable? And if so how do you bill?

Q: Can you get my website first on google?  This is the easiest tell – even Google will tell you that no one can promise that. Googles writes on SEO

Step 3:  Call the office again.

Why would you call them again after your meeting?  Make up a question, ask about social media, SEO, or anything  really.  This is just one more chance to check and see how responsive they are.  Call us during business hours at 816.298.7018 and you will get real answers to your questions!

 Step 4: Get a proposal

See how they treat you and the company you represent.  Did they just send you a boilerplate proposal? Or fit you into some package?  By performing web design in Kansas City on a daily basis, we know there is no way to build something that represents your company’s uniqueness if we try and shove it into something pre-made.  This will also tell you how the company bills, whether it is hourly, or project based, etc.

 Step 5: Pay with a credit card

After seeing hundreds of clients get screwed by other web designers in Kansas City, paying with a credit card will give you security.  If they don’t deliver, or leave your company with a heaping pile of steaming web mess… call your credit card company and do a charge-back.  It’s that simple.

These are just a a couple of the many steps you will and should take when looking for a web design company. Lifted Logic takes pride in being honest and helping people however we can, even if they choose not to use us as their web design company. To learn more about how we work and see if we can help you in your process of finding a Web Design company in Kansas City, call us today or fill out the form on the right!