Web Design – Web Development – Leawood Kansas

Everyday we get calls from Leawood, Kansas based businesses asking us if we do web design or web development.  What we find most companies are looking for is actually web design and web development.  We thought it may help to break down what exactly the difference is between web design and web development and how it affects Leawood businesses.


What is web design?

What the heck is web design in Leawood Kansas?  Web design is the process of design, laying out, and building the graphic components of a website.  At Lifted Logic, our designers work with local Leawood Kansas business owners to create websites that are visually alluring and yet simple to navigate.  Your website can be as clean and modern or as intricate and details as you need.  Lifted Logic also offers professional photography, which can make all the difference in your website design.

What is web development?

What in the world is web development in Leawood Kansas?  Web development is the process of building, coding and maintaining the websites actual functionality. The professional web developers at Lifted Logic will make sure visitors to your site get where they need to be!  if your Leawood Kansas business already has a website, our web developers can help transfer over content from your existing website to a newly design website by Lifted Logic.

What does this mean for Leawood Kansas based businesses?

With web design and web development from Lifted Logic, your Leawood Kansas business will provide a better way for your customers to connect with you, your business and your products and services.  Whether your looking to increase traffic on your site, build up a new client base, or sell products or services online, the professionals at Lifted Logic will help you achieve your goals.

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