UX? UI? Lifted Logic clears up the muddy water of frontend web design

Let’s start with the question we know you’reĀ dying to ask…what is UX and UI? User interface (UI) is the saddle, stirrups, and the reins while user experience (UX) is the feeling of elation you get from riding the quarter horse at the grocery store, pretending to be a cowboy (don’t act like you haven’t done it before). Despite how easily we just broke that down, UX and UI are the source of tireless brainstorms (and heated debate) among the Lifted Logic designers and developers because of the impact they can have on a website’s success.

“Visual designers sweat the small stuff that others overlook.”

How do we even begin to approach this stuff?

When the Lifted Logic designers sit down to build a website, they spend a significant portion of time simply sketching out the site and thinking through how the user is going to interact with each frontend design. After some Photoshop voodoo has been worked, the developers are dragged from their magical cave of coding to help critique the various aspects of the website and even argue over the shade of blue and fonts that were used simply because that one makes one “feel happy” or “seems easy to use.” While this sounds monotonous, it is all part of the completely necessary process of frontend UX/UI design.

So why is frontend UX/UI design important?

The whole goal for your website is to convert visitors into loyal clients, right? UX and UI are the keys to making your site’s visitors feel like they are riding that epic quarter horse at the grocery store. When visitors have a memorable visit to your website, whether it was how it made them feel or the ease of use they experienced, they look forward to to working with your company time and time again!

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