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While you may have landed on this page looking for user friendly web design, the Lifted Logic team feels that there is so much more than just design that goes into making a website that people enjoy being on. When creating a website, businesses have to think about their users in every step; from the design, to the content, the navigation, the functionality, and the hours of planning in between.

The Lifted Logic team has extensive experience with the most user friendly web design, and we can help create memorable experiences for your site’s visitors.

“Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper it’s really how it works.” – Steve Jobs

It all begins with ideas..

To get the process rolling on designing a user friendly website, the team here at Lifted Logic sits down for a brainstorm session of epic proportions. We outline the navigation, functionality, the photos and video, and content all before the designers even open Photoshop. This allows our team to all get on the same level of understanding to foster the smoothest transition from person to person during the entire process of turning a website idea into a reality. Plus, we offer design and development check-ins for our clients to perform design and functionality reviews, along with user testing, and input from the client and its customers.

Here are just a few of the ways that we always check to ensure the most user friendly experience possible:

  • Clear, concise content
  • Streamlined navigation and content flow
  • Fast load times
  • Innovative, and clean design

Want to know more about our user friendly web design process? Come by for a face-to-face with our team and let us give your business the full Lifted Logic treatment.

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