Beat the competition with a custom-developed website.

Nothing pains the Lifted Logic team more than meeting with a frustrated business owner who has spent thousands of dollars getting a “custom” website made, only to have to break the news that the website is actually a $50 template that barely functions. Did we also mention that more often than not, this business owner cannot ever get in touch with their web developer, or change any of the content on their website ever again? Typically, these websites also do nothing to represent the business or pull users in in any sort of emotional or real way. Yeah, it can be that bad.

“Give them quality. That’s the best kind of advertising” – Milton Hershey

Just a few of the benefits of custom web development over a template include:

  • Lifted Logic’s constant support of your website. We will train anyone who needs to know how to use the website, for free. Additionally, we run updates and make sure that your website is constantly functioning correctly.
  • SEO friendliness. A template is bogged down with an insane amount of code to make it work. Lifted Logic’s custom websites have an excellent code-to-content ratio in order to boost your business’ position in search results.
  • It adds legitimacy. Oftentimes, the purpose of your website is to make sure users know that you are reputable and legitimate, in case they have heard about you elsewhere and want to see for themselves.
  • It can do whatever you need it to do. Templates are so limited. You are never going to find one that does everything that you need your website to do. With Lifted Logic’s custom web development, we can make your website function in any way you need it to.

Make your job easier, and your business more successful, with Lifted Logic’s custom web development.

The staff at Lifted Logic is constantly studying the latest internet trends to predict where the internet will be in the next few years to stay ahead of the curve. Our developers are also continually expanding their knowledge of code and custom web development to provide the highest quality work that not only meets, but exceeds, our clients’ wildest expectations.

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