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Unlike a standard business’ website, an ecommerce website is, in essence, a full retail store. With this in mind, the ecommerce website must be able to function in a variety of ways, similar to how multiple employees in various roles function. A good, fully functional ecommerce website must act as a sales person, a cashier, a customer service representative, and it must be able to handle shipping and handling without error.

Turn to Lifted Logic for fully custom ecommerce web development

Lifted Logic’s talented developers are capable of creating a fully custom ecommerce solution, regardless of the business or product, that include:

When you turn to Lifted Logic to develop your ecommerce website, our entire team will get to know your business and products as well as you do in order to make sure that your target audience is receiving the best online shopping experience. If buyers need to have a range of options for their product, we can integrate any custom fields that are required.

We have extensive experience with e-commerce website development and we understand all the nuances associated with running an online business. We can auto-generate order lists, sales reports, and a wealth of other information to help you run your online business quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to keep you doing what you do best: providing excellent products and services to your customers.

Certified Ecommerce Analytics Reviews

“It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.” – Jeff Eisenberg

Lifted Logic also employs a marketing expert that is certified to provide ecommerce reviews within Google Analytics. We offer regular reviews of your custom ecommerce website that can focus on decreasing the rate of cart abandonment, increasing full conversions, and improving specific product engagement. We can track the results of our efforts to give you a proven record of success.

If you’re in need of a website that will boost sales and drive conversion, contact Lifted Logic today.

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