Is your company in Lenexa looking to update its logo? Then it’s time to do a little research and find a company that will fit you best! There are a few questions that any company you talk to about designing a new logo should ask you and Lifted Logic is here to help you by giving you a leg up, and a heads up as to what good designers should be asking you!

First and foremost, you want anyone who is going to design a logo for your company to ask what your company does! It sounds too simple to even be worth mentioning but you really want to make sure that they understand the ends and outs of your business so they can design a logo tailored to what you do.

Another question you should be prepared to answer is what current logos do you like? A designer will ask you this to figure out a few aspects of the logo design but the main purpose of this question is to asses what type of logo you like; icon, type based, or a combination of the two. The type of logo you should have designed will depend on how you plan to use the logo and what style you enjoy best.

Other questions you should be prepared to answer may include what kind of colors do you like, what is the age range for your average client, what kind of fonts do you like or what kind of promotional items will you be using this logo on. Each of these questions has a specific purpose that relates to the end logo design that will be produced for you and if a designer isn’t asking you some of these questions you may want to look at another company to compare. Finding a designer who is a good fit with your business will only help your logo in the long run.

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