rachel_hoverA wide scope of work goes into Lifted Logic’s creative graphic design in Overland Park, and our talented lead designer, Rachel Dignan, provides our clients with a variety of custom digital and print designs every day. Here’s a deeper look into how Rachel offers the best graphic design in Overland Park, and all across the country:

Rachel arrives at the Lifted Logic office each day ready to be creative. When it comes to graphic design in Overland Park, she can do anything. From creative business cards, to custom logos, e-newsletters, promotional banners, and initial website design and layout, and much more, Rachel does incredible work. Her favorite component of graphic design in Overland Park is custom logo design and helping a business create a recognizable brand for itself. As part of Lifted Logic’s graphic design in Overland Park, Rachel also designs each of Lifted Logic’s custom websites based on the client’s specifications. She goes to work creating the layout, color scheme, fonts, and other important visual aspects for each website before the developers turn it into reality, making her one of the key creative powerhouses behind Lifted Logic. ┬áHer main inspiration for the work she does lies in watching a client’s business grow and succeed as a result of what she’s been able to do for them. She says,

“When [clients] leave us, whatever I created is visually representing them. I just want them to be the the top standard for what somebody in their industry should look like.”

Rachel has been passionate about design since she was a child, making her an ideal person to trust for all your company’s graphic design in Overland Park. If you’d like to see how Lifted Logic’s graphic design in Overland Park can meet and exceed all your expectations, give our office a call or fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!