Why Create A Custom Mobile App For Your Business?


With the recent popularity of smartphones and tablets, we at Lifted Logic have come to realize and react to the increasing need of Mobile Applications! A Mobile App is software that is developed for use on mobile devices such as smartphones and iPads.  Mobile apps can take the user experience to the next level by providing convenience and ease of use.  They are another great way to brand your company and get more in-depth user data than traditional marketing.  More and more companies are beginning to move towards having a mobile app to keep up with the growing demand of consumers’ needs to access specific information quickly and easily.


Potential Growth for Mobile Apps by 2015


A recent article on nytimes.com featured researchers that estimated the revenue created from customers buying and downloading apps to smartphones and tablets will reach $38 billion by 2015!   In other words, your business has a great opportunity over the next 3 years to take advantage of this and generate sales through something as simple as a custom built mobile app!

At Lifted Logic, we provide custom mobile app development, and try to make our process is as fun and easy as we can!  We always have a 2 week turn around on every projects and work diligently to provide the end result you desire. With a spark of an idea and a brainstorming session with the team at Lifted Logic, we can make your mobile app a reality!

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