We do it to satiate a need to build functional art. To become a better us, and to use our experiences to craft yours.

Lifted Logic is Kansas City’s premier digital creative agency. The company has its origins in 1Dawg, a company built and ran by college students in their garage, who wound up being the first business to send a video from the internet to a cell phone. After shopping for investors and licensing 1Dawg’s software, Lifted Logic’s founder, Adam Fichman, began to realize the pitfalls of detached and cold corporate culture and set out to build a company where the employees know their value and love coming to work and where all the clients find sustainable, long-term success.

We thrive on building relationships
and take great pride in the company we keep

Our left-brain thinkers use handcrafted code, the latest SEO standards, and leverage technology to power your business online. Customer conversions are the focus of every website built.
Our right-brain creatives use innovative, unique designs and unique ideas to capture the imagination and attention of your online audience. No themes or pre-built templates are ever used.

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